Friday, April 27, 2012

Alternative to McDonald's Chicken Nuggets (A Top Secret Recipe)

Ok guys, I'll be nice and share with you my top secret chicken nugget recipe in hopes that you will cook it for your kiddos instead of feeding them something less healthy (like McDonald's).
I tend to be really messy in the kitchen. I don't follow directions or recipes, I just throw things together and hope it tastes good. One day I accidentally made some chicken nuggets that actually taste pretty darn good! I have to say that after I ate them I felt like I just had a "treat meal".
I can't give you amounts of anything since, like I said, this was a total accident and I didn't know what I was doing when I did it, but here is the "recipe".

 -Almond flour
-Corriander *key ingredient
-Eggs (2-3)
-Chicken breast
-Coconut oil

1. Rinse, pat dry, then cut chicken breast into cubes or strips
2. Add all dry ingredients to a giant ziplock bag and mix (close bag and shake!)
3. Wisk a couple eggs and roll chicken pieces in eggs
4. Throw chicken in ziplock with dry ingredients. Ideally the egg-dipped chicken strips grab onto the dry mixture
5. Use a frying pan to fry strips in coconut oil until golden brown

Also, here are just a couple pictures of what I have been eating lately. My wish is to lead by example and if you are a visual person, maybe this will help! If you see me around the gym stop me and ask me if you need any help with meal ideas, etc.

 Breakfast: Spinach sauteed in coconut oil, organic strawberries, 2 humanely raised eggs scrambled with grilled chicken breast.

Lunch: Salad w/chicken breast. Boooring.

I've been wanting to try a different type of egg lately. These duck eggs are supposed to have bigger, fattier yolks. Ill let you know how they taste!

 There aren't many out there who are a fan of tea anymore but it is a really great alternative to coffee especially if you are trying to detox yourself from caffeine. Also, it's a great calorie-free way to distract yourself from sweet cravings.


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