Thursday, April 5, 2012

Healthy Adventures

Recently I have decided to track my food (again) as a way to make sure I am on track with my goals and that my diet really is as clean as I think it is. One way of doing this is a food log. I am using a log to record my sleep, meals, vitamins/fish oil, workouts, etc. Another handy tool is my cell phone camera. Being a very visual person, I've decided to also take pictures of my meals. Lets be honest, snapping a pic with your phone is much more convenient than running to a computer to record what you ate!
I am hoping that this experiment will help some of you as well. With the CircuitFit 8-week challenge that just launched, and summer around the corner, there are lots of you out there trying to make some big changes to diet and lifestyle!

Here are a few pics from the week. More to come!

Sunday morning breakfast: Ham/Egg cups and veggies sauteed in coconut oil

Sunday afternoon picnic! This was the perfect way to end a 3+ hour hike in the state park and honestly can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday: Sun, leisurely exercise and clean eating!
A 10-minute stop at Jewel and dinner is ready :)

Lunch: Grass-fed burger from Burger Bar with fried egg and avocado, side salad. I used spicy brown mustard for a dressing.

Lunch: 2 Salmon Patty's & carrots

Lunch: Pasture raised honey roasted turkey breast from Whole Earth Meats, avocado, cabbage salad

Typical breakfast: two eggs, sauteed spinach in coconut oil, sauteed chicken apple sausage.


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